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Need a pre-purchase building Inspection in Ballarat?  Look no further than Probe Building & Pest Inspection that offers professional building inspections. We are Ballarat Master builders with over 30 years of experience. 

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30 years experience with building inspections

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The choice is obvious …

Buying a new home is the biggest financial investment you will ever make, it's a decision you need to get right.

Unfortunately, dealing with banks, agents, negotiations and contracts leave little time to consider the most important questions of all:

  • Is your new home structurally sound?
  • Is your new home safe to live in?
  • Are repairs needed and when?
  • Will those repairs be major or minor?
  • Could you afford tens of thousands of dollars to repair major faults?
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The local market is not immune to crooks, sadly there are some sellers and dodgy agents that won’t disclose major faults or works required. There are also those that may not even be aware that these faults existed.

A Probe pre-purchase building inspection is CRITICAL to protect you, your family and your lifetime financial commitment.

To put costs into perspective – if after purchase your home needed the foundations replaced - the cost could be as high as $20,000. A pre-purchase building inspection of $400 is a fraction of that price and with other major faults identified it could save you years of anguish and cost.

Is it really worth the risk to buy before you have all the facts?

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Specialist Advice

Probe also provides a range of specialist services that support your decisions to purchase, renovate or even undertake extensions. By providing key structural, research-driven and specialist area advice, you will be able to make informed decisions on all of your properties.

Some essential services include:

  • Asbestos Audits: Quite simply – to protect you and your family.
  • Tax Depreciation schedules: To help you save money on your asset by allowing you to claim fair wear and tear on your property. Probe can provide the experts to help manage this process for you.

Negotiate property prices

An extensive building inspection can also provide a very powerful negotiating tool with agents and sellers. Identifying potential or current structural issues and the costs needed to repair them will give you the power to negotiate for a cheaper price.

Give yourself the power


Building Inspection Activities

Designers are designing houses. Model houses and house plans on the table.

Modern homes are being slapped together at a furious pace, don't let a sloppy rushed job ruin your investment.

Probe prides itself on the level of detail provided to clients through our detailed inspection and reporting.

Inspections cover all essential construction elements with potential issues arising including:

  • Cracks in concrete (paths, driveways and garage floors)
  • Cracks in brickwork (dwelling, fences, piers)
  • Roof exterior (tiles, iron, gutters, downpipes)
  • Roof interior (insulation, sisilation, timber members)
  • Exterior (cladding(s), windows, doors, eaves, fascia)
  • Sub-floor (timber members, stumps, moisture)
  • Site (retaining walls, sheds, fences)
Master Builders

More than 30 years of industry experience as Master Builders

Latest Technology

We use the right equipment for the job to ensure accurate, reliable results

Timely Reports

We aim to complete the assessment and provide report in 48 hours


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We'll provide an independant assessment in 48 hours, prepared by Ballarat builders using the latest technology.

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Assessment performed by local Ballarat builders who know Ballarat.


I highly recommend Probe Inspections. I found John to be extremely professional, efficient and diligent. The reports were comprehensive and easy to read. Will definitely use again.

Emma Challands

The team at Probe inspections put our mind at ease when making one of the biggest decision/investments to purchase our home. They were prompt and thorough. Thanks Probe Inspections!

Renae Ranger
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